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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Suspected Bot List [2017-07-26]

detection period: 2017-07-26 00:00-23:59 UTC
number of suspected bots' IPs listed here: 39

IP addresses listed here all exhibit strange network behavior. As I could not notify the victims for various reasons (no working abuse contact, mailbox over quota, etc.), I list them here instead. I have to emphasize that those are just *suspected* to be malware-infected computers.

List from fake open relays:

country codeIP addressCountry
RU91.197.234.102Russian Federation
US206.125.41.139United States

List from greylisting:

country codeIP addressCountry
RU62.76.186.222Russian Federation
RU194.67.217.197Russian Federation
RU194.67.218.232Russian Federation
SA5.82.152.86Saudi Arabia
SA94.98.9.30Saudi Arabia
US50.2.185.179United States
US50.2.185.180United States
US50.2.185.181United States
US50.2.185.182United States
US170.130.143.162United States
US170.130.143.163United States
US170.130.143.164United States
US170.130.143.165United States
US170.130.143.166United States
US170.130.143.167United States
US170.130.143.169United States
US170.130.143.170United States
US170.130.143.171United States
US170.130.143.172United States
US206.214.77.195United States
US206.214.77.196United States
US206.214.77.197United States
US206.214.77.198United States
US206.214.77.199United States
US206.214.77.200United States
US206.214.77.201United States
US206.214.77.202United States
US206.214.77.203United States
US206.214.77.204United States
US206.214.77.205United States

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