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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Suspected Bot List [2017-05-09]

detection period: 2017-05-09 00:00-23:59 UTC
number of suspected bots' IPs listed here: 36

IP addresses listed here all exhibit strange network behavior. As I could not notify the victims for various reasons (no working abuse contact, mailbox over quota, etc.), I list them here instead. I have to emphasize that those are just *suspected* to be malware-infected computers.

List from fake open relays:

country codeIP addressCountry

List from greylisting:

country codeIP addressCountry
SA94.96.146.147Saudi Arabia
US69.64.40.149United States
US69.64.41.208United States
US69.64.41.209United States
US69.64.41.210United States
US69.64.41.211United States
US69.64.41.212United States
US69.64.41.214United States
US69.64.41.215United States
US69.64.41.216United States
US69.64.41.217United States
US69.64.41.218United States
US69.64.42.29United States
US173.224.115.103United States
US173.224.115.117United States
US173.224.115.118United States
US173.224.115.124United States
US173.224.116.224United States
US173.224.116.225United States
US173.224.116.226United States
US173.224.116.227United States
US173.224.116.228United States
US173.224.116.229United States
US173.224.116.230United States
US173.224.116.231United States
US173.224.116.232United States
US173.224.116.233United States
US173.224.116.234United States
US173.224.116.235United States

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